B131 : The day is almost upon US! (Weigh-In’s)

Okay, so the are many of us that say we don’t care about Tito vs. Bonner, we say that they are fighters of a past generation and their glory has diminished, and so has their appeal. Some of us say that their days of fighting are over and so are the days of us watching them fight too, but there is something about this fight that appeals to the hard-core MMA fan and to the fringe MMA fan. It’s not about the best fighting the best because these two are obviously not at the top of the world’s light heavyweight division anymore, but it is safe to say that there will be many of us that will have our eyes peeled to the TV screens to observe how this goes down.

It is been clear during the past few weeks that there is a massive amount of animosity between the main event competitors, Tito and Stephan, and maybe that’s why some of us are keen to see this matchup. Although the main event is intriguing, the rest of the fights in this fight card are equally exciting and intriguing. Watch the video below to see the highlights of Bellator 131 weigh-in’s.